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Shift Gig Review

After finding out that I was expecting financial fear set in. This is why I applied for Shift Gig to cover any additional baby expenses and have some financial security after the baby arrives so if I needed extra money I could always pick up a shift on the weekend.

Now everyone wants more money for different reasons…

Previously having a background in bartending, I always knew that I will always be able to pick up a job here or there through friends, family and former co-workers. But since leaving the “industry”, I have missed some things and not missed some other things.

Bartending is so much fun and engaging in conversation with lots of different people from lots of different walks of life is a great experience. Plus, I made so much money! Cash money!

But the DRAMA that goes on in the back of the house is something I do not miss. (You know what I’m talking about if you have truly worked in the industry).

Shift gig

How Shift Gig works

You start off by applying for an interview. Then you should receive an email with some time slots and you select one. After selecting your time of interview you will receive a text message reminder with the details of your interview.

Interview with Shift Gig

After arriving at your interview location look for the Shift Gig sign. My interview took place in a basement of a bank. Since the bank was closed the door was locked. I began to panic, yet grateful that I arrived early. After calling the Google voice number and receiving no answer, I began to panic some more. Finally, a janitor saw me knocking on the door and thankfully let me in. I went downstairs to the office and signed in. I imagined from the setting that the interviews typically take place in a group setting. I brought along my valid driver’s license, Social Security card and my checkbook.  I also brought a few copies of my resume.

Before the interview you sign in and take a seat and watch a “fun video about the development of “Shift Gig”.  It plays a jingle that you might not be able to get out of your head for weeks.

During the group type interview you watch two videos about Shift Gig. The interviewer goes over rules and on how Shift Gig works and then your resume is reviewed. Then the application process begins if you are offered a position with the company.

This is where you will need to provide your driver’s license and Social Security card to a team member so they can make a copy. Make sure to mention any of your past bartending or serving experience.

Since I was going for the bartending position I was given a written test to take to make sure I actually knew some of the basics.

Shift gig sets the expectation

Then they talk about what to wear during your first shift and they take your picture. Don’t do what I did! I wore a tank top under a blazer jacket and since I did not want to take my blazer jacket off for the pictures I look horrible in my photo. I was grateful to have done my hair and makeup but the photo still turned out tragic because of how awkward I felt and looked.

Then we went into a different room with computers to finish signing up where you have to enter in your routing number, from your checking account, online and fill out a consent form for a background check, etc. and all of the other paper work which you will primarily do on a computer.

Then after you complete the paperwork process it takes a few days to a week to get you into the system and then they will send you an email with your Shift Gig app login.

This is where you download the Shift Gig app and start looking for shifts. It’s really simple and easy to use.

My first experience with Shift Gig

My first gig was bartending for a company called Sodexo for a Marquette Alumni party. It was a fairly long shift and set up was longer than I had anticipated.  It took longer than the actual bartending itself. I recommend bringing a water / soda / juice and a power bar or some type of snack you can take before your break.

So here’s the thing with Shift Gig, since you don’t really have all the details about the position it’s better to come over-prepared than underprepared; 80% of the people that came to work this event were working outside. Some people can’t handle the hot or cold or have really bad allergies. So this is why I say it’s better to come over-prepared than underprepared. Also, come with a “can do” attitude and reach out to other workers that can answer any questions for you that you might have during the shift.


I would say that my experience with Shift Gig and the Sodexo company was a great one.  Not only did we get tipped out but we also received our hourly rate.

I was exhausted after the shift but I think that’s because of being pregnant and not having a job where I have had to be active, in over a year.

I definitely recommend checking out Shift Gig to anyone looking for some extra side cash without the commitment of picking up a regular shift at a restaurant or bar would require.

Good Luck!

Here is link the website.

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to me about my experience. I would be happy to help.

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  1. That’s pretty cool and good to know. I was a server/cocktail waitress for a few years and really enjoyed it. I don’t want to get steady work in an actual restaurant because I’m not looking for a job but getting extra cash so I can buy my husband presents without using his money would be nice!


      Yes I think it was because it was a bank building and my interview was closed during bank hours. 🙂 lol Thank goodness the cleaning lady was near the front entrance.


      I was nervous! Because I had not bartended for such a long time I was afraid I would do terrible. Luckily I had a great bartending partner so we made a great team and the three drinks I did not know how to make he was able to help me with.


      Yes I would go online and see if they have launched in your state. 🙂 The company is growing rapidly so if you do not see the location right away I would check back.

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