Why I love straight talk!

Straight talk has saved me so much money since I made the switch! I was paying a ridiculous amount of money for my phone plan because I was grandfathered in at ATT for unlimited data. I was not going to have anyone take that from me. But after I got sick of paying an exorbenent amount of money a month I caved in. I normally had a data usage of around 5 gigs so it just was not worth the $140 dollars a month that I was paying. (not that thats the going rate for ATT that was my old plan costs)

I bought out my iPhone and switched to Straight talk. You can go to Walmart and pick up a packet to make the switch. It does require a little bit of work to set up I would say that really is the only downside of straight talk but you call a customer service rep and use youtube videos to figure out any issues you may run into. The benefits definitely outweighs the annoying set up I have saved so much money by making this switch. Did I mention that ATT and straight talk are on the same towers. Its like buying the generic version of cell service! and paying 1/2 the price.

You can purchase Straight talk cards at Walmart or you can do the auto refill which is what I am now signed up for! I love it I don’t have to think about running to pick up a phone card and I don’t have to worry about having overage fee’s

You can buy different packages depending on your usage If you use more data I would opt for the 10 GB package.

ATT  6 GB its $60 + $20 = $80


Straight talk 5 GB its $45

That a $35 dollar savings!

Sign up for Straight talk here

here is a interesting article about how much data american’s are using

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