10 Items you NEED to buy From Aldi

10 Items you NEED to buy from Aldi


1. Baking Soda – A small box of baking soda is normally .90 – $2.00 at Aldi baking soda is only .49. This is a item I stock up on because I get so frustrated, when I have to run to our local grocery store and pick one up for $1.50+. Not to mention baking soda has a great shelf life, if stored in a pantry or dry area. Baking Soda has so many uses check out this post for more ways you can utilize this dirt cheap baking soda!

Hot Tip: I always have a box of baking soda in my fridge to eliminate odors when my fridge is ready for a new box I use that box to clean my kitchen drain.


2. Milk – If I can I purchase my milk from Sam’s club or Walmart I do because it tends to be ridiculously cheap at those particular stores. Aldi Milk is typically priced low so, if I am doing my grocery shopping at Aldi then I don’t hesitate to pick up my milk. At our local grocery store milk is typically $3-$4 dollars a gallon where at Sam’s club its around $1.25 and Aldi its a little less than $2.00. I paid 3.99 for a 1/2 gallon of 2% at a gas station and almost lost it. I HATE overpaying for milk.

Hot Tip: Do not buy milk from gas stations or small convenient stores milk is so overpriced its crazy. (Unless that gas station is a Kwik trip they have bagged milk where you can save even more money)


3. Cereal – Cereal is so expensive at local grocery stores, target etc. I love my Frosted Flakes. Aldi only has generic brand’s of different popular cereal and so far we can not complain so far. (We have tried the Frosted Flakes and the generic Wheaties Big cereal boxes normally run $4-$5 and the same size for only $1.29.

Hot tip: If generic brand cereal is not your thing. You can always go grocery shopping with coupons for the hassle and time, its just not worth it for me. If you have the time use coupons and wait for the double day’s for a great deal.


4. Cheese- One cheese packet at our local grocery store costs about $4-$5 a larger packet of shredded cheese costs $2.69.  Deli sliced cheeses that runs about 3.50 at our local grocery store costs 1.99 at Aldi. String cheese is only 2.79. Overall cheese is much less expensive from Aldi. I love the happy farmers brand so far so good!


5. Fresh Meat- One of my favorite dinners to make from Aldi is filet minion. Yup you heard me right not only is it fairly inexpensive but its super easy to make! 4.49 for two steak medallions wrapped in bacon Yum. A painless dinner that is virtually planned for you priceless.


6. Organics & Produce- Probably the least expensive place to purchase organic produce outside of the farmers market. Produce is always very reasonable. Make sure to match the name of the produce with the produce on the shelf this can be a bit tricky at first.

7. Canned Goods- The canned veggies are such a great deal. With prices of .49 .69 its hard to beat those prices!

8. Spices- Personally one of my favorite money saving tips is to purchase your spices from Aldi I wanted to make my own hamburger helper and taco seasoning, etc. Yet spices cost so much my local grocery store and they don’t even come in a container. Who wants to deal with that mess? At Aldi the spice containers are larger than the average container and cost only .99 each.

9. Yogurt- The snack-sized Fit & Active yogurts are about $.39-.49 each which is a great deal if your comparing to the individual yogurts which are typically .99 each.


10. Eggs- Every time I got to Aldi the eggs are less than one dollar for a carton of 12 eggs. When I see the eggs under .80 I usually pick up two cartons and make hardboiled eggs which make for a great nutritious snack.

Hot tip: Don’t forget to check your egg carton in the store to make sure that all of your eggs are in tact.

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    • nicoleosburn@gmail.com

      If you have never been to Aldi make sure to bring a quarter and your own shopping bags. I usually have cardboard boxes I take because I order so much from Amazon. Aldi has lower prices because they cut some expenses. 🙂

  1. This is so interesting to read about Aldi’s. I’ve seen the stores before but have always thought the products are not great. So, it’s great to see that there is actually good stuff. Will check one out! Thank you!

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