Copy Cat Recipes – Panera Artisan Bread Bowl for less than $1


Copy Cat Recipes

Copy Cat Recipes – Panera’s Artisan Bread Bowl Using Steve’s No Kneed Bread Method!

I love Copy Cat Recipes especially when you can save lots of money!

One day out of the blue I wanted to learn how to make bread. I was channeling my inner Martha Stewart. So naturally, I did some research on YouTube and found a video on how to make no kneed bread. After watching the video, I thought that I would give it a try. My bread turned out fantastic and it was fairly simple. So I have made this recipe a few times.

I typically make this bread when I am going to a party. I use the bread as bread bowl for spinach dip. Yum!

Here is the Video to make the No Kneed bread (When your short on time):


Bread-In-Oven-Copy-Cat-RecipesFlower-Yeast-Seasonings-Copy Cat Recipes Ingredents-for-Bread-Copy-Cat-Recipes

I add some extra seasonings into my bread this is completely optional!

Minced-Onion-Copy-Cat-Recipes Garlic-Minced-Copy-Cat-Recipes

Pro Tip: I buy my seasonings at Aldi the Minced Onion on the left is 3.75oz. comes in a container and is $.99 The Garlic Minced is $2.69 and comes in a little plastic bag.

Bread bowls at Panera and the Grocery store or a bakery range from $4 – $6

The cost break down of my No Kneed bread / bread bowl

  • Yeast 3 packets $1.55
  • Gold Medal All-Purpose Flower, 5LB Bread Flower $2.00
  • Seasonings $0.99 each

$0.51 yeast

$0.40 Flower

$0.02 Salt

$0.05 Seasonings

Grand Total of $0.95

If you want to save even more money I suggest you purchase the little jar of bakers yeast.

You will get 24 teaspoons out of this little jar. After opening the jar make sure to store in your fridge.


So the yeast would cost you $0.24 for a total of 0$.71 for the Artisan bread

Also if you have more time than money use this recipe. (This recipe is my favorite)

Which uses only 1/4 tsp of yeast, but adds about 7 hours to the proofing time.

Which would cost you .04 to bring your bread cost to $0.48


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