How to host Thanksgiving dinner on a dime!

Thanksgiving comes every year on the third Thursday of November. It’s certain that you want it to be memorable, appealing and tastefully appetizing, all on a budget. Just as the holidays are upon us, and everyone is excited about spending it with family and friends, hosting thanksgiving dinner doesn’t mean you have to spend hundreds of dollars prepping, planning and making sure every detail is perfect.

But, if you are the one hosting your family’s holiday traditions this year, you might be wondering how you are going to balance all the weights, especially when you live the rest of the year on such a tight budget. Have you ever wondered how you can possibly host a Thanksgiving dinner and still afford all your Christmas gifts? If you just answered yes, I’m here to help. It is totally possible to host a generous, palate-pleasing Thanksgiving feast on a budget. Hey, don’t be so skeptical! Whether you’re a first time host or a veteran one thing is for sure: preparing for Thanksgiving dinner is a full-time job. The best way to save yourself from going completely insane is to start early

When having family over, ask each member to bring over a small dish to help out. As the host you can of course provide the turkey, but asking family to help out by bringing the side dishes or dessert can help a lot. You may need multiple items of each kind, so the more the family brings the more money you save. It is simply distributing the cost among several members instead of placing the entire burden upon yourself. And since you are going out of your way and time to host the dinner at your place, most family members will not mind. Just ask your mother to supply the pumpkin pie, your uncle can cover the stuffing, your sister and law and brother can cover the rolls, and in no time you have reached some good savings. Splendid isn’t it.

With some simple tips below, you can save money and still have a Thanksgiving dinner the entire family will enjoy and be thankful about.

1. Have a plan and make a list:

It’s a good choice to visit the grocery but do ensure not to make the mistake of going to the grocery store and haphazardly throwing things into your cart as you see them or as a first time host, you might feel pressured into creating a massive feast that no one will forget, causing you to buy excessively. Detect such and nail a point on that. Create a thorough menu and list the ingredients you’ll need to prepare them.

2. Don’t Miss out the coupons:

Now is the best time to start looking for coupons a few weeks in advance. Even though there’s only one Sunday newspaper edition left for you to snatch up, you can still grab tons of coupons online. Almost all local grocery stores have deals on turkeys leading up to Thanksgiving. Once you determine what your Thanksgiving meal will consist of, you can check your favorite grocery store’s website for specials.

3. The leftovers could help:

If you don’t have enough plastic storage containers, buying more is a good idea. But don’t go for the expensive brand name ones. The dollar store has the same containers, aluminum foil and disposable dishes for just a buck! Be creative with the food that remains. All that turkey can make for great sandwiches, homemade soup or a pot pie.

4. Do without the alcohol or ask guest to BYOB:

There’s so much food on Thanksgiving, it can be its own soporific! Or, if you simply must have wine with your turkey (and you’re hosting for more than just your immediate family), ask someone else to bring a bottle or two.

5. Stun up your home:

Decorate your home with natural things. or You can create a centerpiece using a large hurricane glass and fill it with moss and acorns from your backyard or a near by wooded area. Then you can plant a candle in the center of all of it and Voila! You have a gorgeous centerpiece. — avoid the fake leaves, themed napkins, and cheap centerpieces — and use what nature offers (dried grasses, herbs, and decorative gourds). A little goes a long way.

6. Be a good neighbor:

If you observe any of your neighbors spending the holiday alone, now would be the best time to bond the relationship stronger. Why not surprise them with a plate from your delicious feast? Not only is it a great way to bond, it’s an easy way to get rid of leftovers! Yipee.

Plan on serving simple, inexpensive dishes rather than ones that are elaborate and ingredient-heavy and don’t be afraid to try out new things.



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  1. Great ideas! i have never hosted a dinner of any kind, there is so much time, money and stress involved. I always appreciate when I have dinner that someone else is hosting because I know that it takes so much work. These tips though could be the light kick in the butt I need to give it a try.

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