How to get a free breast pump through insurance

How to get a free breast pump through insurance

How to get a free breast pump through insurance

If you plan to breastfeed your child, then you need to have a breast pump. The breast pumps are beneficial to you as a new mom. They will come in handy to you especially if you are a working mom. The one challenge that you will go through if finding a suitable brand for you. The good news is if you have an insurance cover, you can get the breast pump for free.

First contact your insurer

The first thing that you need to do is to contact your insurer. It is important for you to ask them about their breast pump policy. If they have a breast pump policy, they will give you a list of all the types of pumps and the suppliers that they have a partnership with. You need to ask if you can buy one for yourself and then submit the invoice to your insurance company for reimbursement. There are different questions that you need to ask;

  • What kind of pump can you get?
  • Which suppliers are covered under your insurance cover?
  • Do you have to purchase the recommended the breast pumps? Or can you purchase your own?
  • If you can buy your own, what is the limit?
  • What is the paperwork that you need to submit for a reimbursement?
  • Do you have to wait for pre-approval before you purchase your pump?
  • At what time can you get the breast pump, or do you have to wait for the baby to be born?
  • Can you return the breast pump if it does not meet your needs? (Keep in mind that most of the breast pumps are non-refundable.)


Find a provider

The fact that you are covered by your insurance cover does not mean that you choose any provider. You need to choose the right breast pump provider. Every insurance company has different breast pump companies that they are associated with. You need to ask for a list of all the providers so that you can find the right option for you. There are different suppliers that can deliver the pumps at your home. If you end up paying for the pump delivery fee, you need to submit a reimbursement request to the insurance policy.
Take note; most of the insurance companies tend to cover for the manual pumps. You therefore need to ask them about the possibility of you getting the electric pump.

I ordered my breast pump from Edge Park a medical supply company online. It was so easy I actually did everything from my iPhone. The nice thing about Edge Park is that I did not have to wait until baby arrived to receive my breast pump. I was able to take my breast pump to my breastfeeding class and I will be able to take it with my to the hospital. So when I see my lactation consultant, I will have the breast pump with me and I can ask any questions I may have in regards to pumping and how to use a electric pump. Which is great because she will be able to show me or work with me on electric pumping.

Medical Supply Companys you can order your breast pump online from are…


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  1. I just recently went through this process and was so excited about it. With my first baby I bought one out of pocket, either because I didn’t know I could get one free or it wasn’t available through my insurance at the time (probably the former).

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