How to go paper free in the kitchen

How to go paper free in the kitchen!

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Are you looking to eliminate the paper products in your kitchen? Well, there are different tips that you can use to have this new lifestyle. Keep in mind that eliminating paper in your kitchen can be a daunting task. But, with the right steps you can be able to totally eliminate the paper towels and other products too.
Going paperless is easy with the following tips;

Start small

If you want the habit to stick, you need to start small. Trying to eliminate the paper towels all at once will overwhelm you. You can start by buying small napkin towels that you can use instead of the paper towels. Put the towels in sight where they can be easily accessed. This will make it easy for you to make the switch effortlessly.
If you tend to use the paper towels at dinner, you can start by replacing the napkins once at a time. Slow transition is key for you and your family. Set a timeline. The best way to change something is to have a timeline for it. If you have a large amounts of the paper napkins, you can use it for you to adjust. You need to monitor the usage of the paper napkins so that you can replace them. This way you won’t be left empty handed.

Stock up the towels

One of the things that will make you go back to the paper towels is the idea of cleaning the towels every now and then. You need to buy a lot of these towels to use every day so that you don’t have to clean them daily. When you are cleaning your laundry, you can throw in the towels and clean them all at once. I went to the dollar store to stock up on towels I also purchased reusable bamboo paper towels.

Put the clothe towels in a convenient place
Put the different towels in a place where you can reach them when you need to. This will help you not to be tempted to use the paper towels. You know, one of the times that you will be tempting to use the paper towels is after cleaning the dishes. So, you need to keep a drying towel or towels near the dishwashing area. I plan on putting a cute little basket on my counter top for easy access to make the transition a simple one! 🙂

Keep laundry bin close

Just like the way you throw away the paper towels, you need to also do the same for the clothe towels. Only this time, you will putting the dirty towels in the laundry bin. This way you will be able to remember to clean the towels. The best place for you to place the bin is under the sink. The key is for you to have a convenient system.

Get everyone on board

Going paperless will be successful only if the whole family is onboard. Tell everyone in your family about the process of change. Explain the importance of using the different clothe towels. Have a system in place that other people can use. Make exceptions, to the rule going cold turkey might be a little too difficult. Handling chicken, something vile or pet or baby mess use extra secrete stash of paper towels.
Resist the urge to buy paper towels in bulk.
You need to resist the urge of getting the paper products in your kitchen.

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